Feis Dad, whoda thunkit?

What Is Feis Dad?

Feis Dad is me, a webgeek living in Ohio with an Irish Dance Daughter. The combination has helped me come up with the projects below. Stop by and say hi on any of them and check back, I have more ideas all the time 🙂

What The Feis – The sarcastic ramblings of an Irish Dance Dad

My reviews of feiseanna we attend and alot of the stuff about our lives in the Irish Dance world.

wordpress http://whatthefeis.com

facebook https://www.facebook.com/whatthefeis

twitter https://twitter.com/whatthefeis


facebook https://www.facebook.com/whatthefeisunplugged – Some WTF stuff,  but more,  and not all Irish Dance. Parenting, beer, opinions. The less politically correct, say whatever the hell I want WTF FB page.

facebook https://www.facebook.com/whatthefeiscares – Sometimes our family needs a little help.

What The Feis Meme Gallery

The final resting place for memes I post on social media. You can see the entire (almost up to date) collection on the Irish Dance & Other Stuff Album over on Facebook, or on my website at http://whatthefeis.com/gallery/

Want to share? Please do, but if so, please share from that page or from a social media page instead of copying and pasting. Thanks!

What The Feis Irish Dance Schools List

I have tried to create a user submitted list of Irish Dance schools (http://whatthefeis.com/schools/) from all over the world. Please check the list and see if your is on there, and if not, or if it needs edits, message me via one of the social media sites on this page, or email me an inbox(at)whatthefeis.com. Thanks!

The Shoe Shine Post

What I do to get those shoes that shiny can be found at: http://whatthefeis.com/the-shoe-shine-post/

Feis Dad on Antonio Pacelli

Antonio Pacelli is a leading supplier of gear for Irish Dancers, so imagine my surprise when they contacted me to be the Feis Dad blogger for the ID Community blogs. Find my blog there at: https://www.antoniopacelli.com/community/blog/category/feis-dad-wtf-what-the-feis

Irish Dance TShirt Co. (formerly Feis Prints)

A selection of my tshirt ideas for feis moms, feis dads, dance siblings and dancers.

wordpress http://irishdancetshirtcompany.com (feisprints.com still works too)

facebook https://www.facebook.com/irishdancetshirts

twitter https://www.instagram.com/irishdancetshirts

pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/irishdancetshirts/

twitter https://twitter.com/idtshirtcompany

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